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Generator Control and Maintenance

We specialise in providing bespoke ‘control system’ solutions.

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Generator Control and Maintenance Ltd
The quality of our support is everything. We only work with a group of tried and trusted suppliers and use the most reliable and effective equipment – which doesn’t always mean the most expensive. And, as controls and systems are continually changing, we keep abreast of all the latest developments to provide you with robust long-term solutions. Essex

Our Services

Generator Control and Maintenance Ltd

At Generator Control and Maintenance we provide bespoke solutions for businesses requiring critical power reliability.

Our team of industry-hardened engineers provide the rapid response guarantee that ensures an organisation has a continuous power supply. Whatever you need, we have the field experience and technical expertise to support you.






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Generator Control and Maintenance Ltd

Generator Control and Maintenance are proud to be part of the PRAMAC UK dealership. PRAMAC has an extensive range of generators, with a variety of power solutions and optional features to satisfy your needs, no matter how demanding they may be.

These generators can be used across diverse industries, including healthcare, data centers, and manufacturing; they can also be used in residential premises.


Ideally suited to a range of applications, delivering reliable power in the most cost effective and environmentally sensitive way.

Capable of delivering continuously whilst supplying a variable electrical load when operated for an unlimited number of hours …

Cost-effective, environmental friendly, and low maintenance requirements, making an ideal backup power source for individuals and businesses.
What our clients say about us

Ritchie has been looking after my generators for the last 22 years, first with Turner Diesel and a couple of other firms before branching out with his own company GCM. We’ve always had a good relationship and have found him helpful, reliable and very knowledgeable, the go-to guy for all things generator-related. His particular forte is panels, switchgear, fault finding – he excels in these areas!

He currently looks after all my generators and has managed many projects including complete replacement and generator installations within the Parliamentary Estate

Mick Tayler,
Facilities Management, Houses of Parliament

Generator Control and Maintenance Ltd
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Generator Maintenance

GCM provides customised generator servicing, backed by expert control system engineers. With maintenance plans and round-the-clock support, we ensure reliable backup power, safeguarding against costly downtime. Trust GCM for seamless operations, even during unexpected outages.

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