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No matter your requirements, we have a generator for every application and sector.


Generator Control and Maintenance are proud to be part of the PRAMAC UK dealership. PRAMAC have an extensive range of generators, with a variety of power solutions and optional features to satisfy your needs, no matter how demanding they may be. These generators can be used across diverse industries, including healthcare, datacentres and manufacturing; they can also be used in residential premises.

Generator Control and Maintenance Ltd
Ideally suited to a range of applications, delivering reliable power in the most cost effective and environmentally sensitive way.

Complement your generator with cutting-edge battery energy storage systems from Pramac. These innovative solutions offer:

  • Seamless power transition during outages
  • Reduced generator runtime and fuel consumption
  • Integration with renewable energy sources
  • Smart energy management for cost savings

Invest in a sustainable future with our battery energy storage options.

Generator Control and Maintenance Ltd
Capable of delivering continuously whilst supplying a variable electrical load when operated for an unlimited number of hours.

Looking for robust and reliable power? Our Pramac diesel generators for sale are the answer. We offer:

  • Compact diesel generators for residential use
  • Mid-range diesel generators for commercial applications
  • Large diesel generators for industrial power needs

Why choose a Pramac diesel generator for sale?

  • Fuel efficiency for long-running times
  • Durable construction for demanding environments
  • Wide range of power outputs to suit various needs
Generator Control and Maintenance Ltd
Cost-effective, environmental friendly, and low maintenance requirements, making an ideal backup power source for individuals and businesses.

For cleaner and more environmentally friendly power, consider our Pramac gas and LPG generators. These generators offer:

  • Lower emissions compared to diesel
  • Quieter operation, ideal for residential areas
  • Reduced fuel costs in many regions

Perfect for homes, businesses, and events where noise and emissions are a concern.

Whether you’re looking for a silent generator for sale to maintain a peaceful environment, a diesel generator for sale for reliable long-term use, or any other type of generator, our extensive range of generators for sale ensures you find exactly what you need. Our expert team is here to assist you in choosing the right generator that fits your power requirements and budget.

Browse our selection of generators for sale today and invest in a reliable power solution that keeps your operations running smoothly. Contact us for more information on our generator sales, including portable generators, industrial generators, and standby sales generators. Get personalised recommendations tailored to your specific needs and make the most of our competitive generators sale offerings.