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Dependable, long-lasting, and fuel-saving diesel generators for sale in Essex

GCM Ltd provides Essex best selection of reliable, fuel-efficient diesel generators for sale. Our inventory ranges from portable to standby and industrial generators, powering worksites, homes, and businesses across the area. Trust GCM Ltd for durable, quality generators and exceptional service.

Generator Control and Maintenance Ltd

Power Up Your Property in Essex with GCM Ltd. Diesel Generators

When the lights go out, keep yours on with GCM Ltd. reliable diesel generators. Our generators supply steady, uninterrupted electricity so you can:

  • Maintain critical operations when the grid fails. Hospitals, data centers, and factories in Essex rely on us to keep vital equipment running during outages.
  • Live life off the grid. Our generators enable cabins and farms without utility access to run appliances and equipment on their own schedule.
  • Host events without power worries. Concerts, weddings and more have dependable energy for sound, lighting and food service thanks to our industrial-grade generators.
  • Feel secure during blackouts. Backup power kicks in immediately so you don’t lose productivity or peace of mind when electricity is disrupted.

We offer a wide selection of diesel generators to suit your specific needs. While other suppliers may leave you powerless, GCM Ltd. has your back. Contact us today to keep your property powered 24/7!

When The Power Fails, We Won’t



Electricity is essential, but the grid fails. When it does, depend on GCM Ltd. rugged diesel generators to power through outages with non-stop energy.

Our portable generators are campsite heroes, delivering reliable power for outdoor fun. Standby generators kick in automatically when lights go out, keeping the electricity systems running  and safety systems on. Industrial models are built uncompromisingly sturdy to withstand intense, continuous use keeping hospitals lit, data secure and factories running.

Don’t leave your home and business vulnerable when utility electricity wavers. Call on GCM Ltd. unwavering diesel generators for backup power you can truly rely on. Our expert team provides Essex with generators built to last. Contact us to find the perfect power solution for your needs.

At GCM Ltd, we provide and service high-quality diesel generators for diverse needs across Essex. Our experienced technicians recommend and expertly install the ideal generators to deliver reliable backup power including:

  • Emergency Power for Hospitals – We supply generators to maintain critical operations during outages.
  • Off-Grid Industries and Farms We help remote properties generate their own electricity.
  • Industrial Facilities – We keep assembly lines and machinery running with zero downtime.
  • Shops and Restaurants – We prevent lost revenue from power cuts with backup generators.
  • New Construction Sites – We offer temporary generator power until permanent electricity is connected.
  • Outdoor Events – We supply generators for concerts, festivals and temporary venues.

GCM Ltd offers leading generator brands like PRAMAC perfectly suited for every application. With rapid response service and comprehensive maintenance plans, we optimise generator performance and longevity.

For expert diesel generator advice and installation in Essex, Contact our specialists at GCM Ltd today.

Diesel generators offer significant advantages:

  • Reliability – Diesel generators are less prone to failure than other generator types, providing dependable power.
  • Durability – Built rugged, diesel generators withstand extreme weather, dust and continuous use.
  • Fuel Efficiency – Diesel fuel allows generators to operate longer between refueling than gasoline.
  • Power Output – Diesel engines easily produce enough power for large facilities and operations.
  • Low Maintenance – The diesel design requires less maintenance than most generator alternatives.

With these benefits, it’s easy to see why diesel generators are the choice for demanding applications.

We offer diesel generators ideal for homes, businesses and industrial uses. Contact us to find the perfect diesel generator for your needs.

Benefit of Diesel Generator Colchester | GCM Ltd

Frequent maintenance is key to getting the best performance and longevity from your diesel generator. Important maintenance tasks include:

  • Oil and Filter Changes – Regular oil changes help lubricate and protect the engine from excessive wear.
  • Air Filter Inspections – Clean air filters allow proper airflow and prevent engine inefficiency.
  • Fuel Filter Checks – Change clogged fuel filters so fuel can flow optimally to the engine.
  • Spark Plug Inspections – Replacing worn spark plugs prevents misfiring and irregular engine operation.
  • Belt and Hose Inspections – Replace damaged belts and hoses to avoid overheating issues.
  • Annual Service by Technician – Comprehensive yearly service catches problems before they become major.

GCM Ltd. offers complete diesel generator maintenance service performed by our experienced technicians using original manufacturer’s parts. Contact us today to keep your generator running like new!

Looking for reliable diesel generator sales and service in Essex? Generator Control and Maintenance Ltd has you covered. With over 30 years of experience, we are specialists in diesel generators – providing solutions to ensure uninterrupted power for homes and businesses across Essex.

Why choose us for your generator needs? Our seasoned team recommends, installs and maintains generators using the latest tools and technology to keep your operations running smoothly. We tailor our comprehensive services to meet your specific requirements – optimising your generators performance.

Ready to experience reliable power with a diesel generator in Essex? Contact our experts at Generator Control and Maintenance Ltd. and let us keep your property powered up 24/7. For diesel generator sales and service you can depend on, choose Generator Control and Maintenance Ltd.