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If you have any questions or need assistance with your generator needs, GCM is here to help. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with the information and services you need to ensure your power supply is reliable and efficient.

Whether you need to purchase a new generator, schedule maintenance, or get support for your existing system, we are just a call or click away.

GCM, your leading provider of generators in Berkshire. We offer a comprehensive range of generators designed to meet the needs of businesses across various industries. The generators we provide ensure consistent and efficient power supply for your operations.

At GCM, we work with many Berskhire based businesses, supporting them with  installation, maintenance  of their generator and back up power supplies along with the associated control systems  . Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality service, ensuring your generator is always operational. Browse our selection of generators to find the right solution for your power requirements. With GCM, you can count on reliable power supply.

Our experience in generator installation and servicing makes us the preferred choice for your business when you search “generators in Berkshire“. Whether you need backup power for emergencies or continuous operation in remote locations, GCM has the solution. Contact us today to learn more about our generator products and services.

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your generator running efficiently. GCM provides professional generator maintenance in Berkshire to ensure your power system remains reliable. Our skilled engineers offer comprehensive generator servicing and maintenance, including inspections, testing, and repairs.

Choosing GCM for your generator maintenance in Berkshire ensures you receive top-quality service. Our services include routine generator maintenance, emergency repairs, and customised maintenance plans.

Regular generator maintenance helps avoid costly repairs and downtime. At GCM, we prioritise keeping your generator in optimal condition. Contact us today for dependable generator repair and maintenance services in Berkshire, and let our experts maintain your generator’s performance.

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Tailored Solutions
No one-size-fits-all approach here. We design systems that perfectly match your requirements.
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Berkshire Specialists
We understand the specific power demands of your region and its towns.
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Unwavering Performance
Experience peace of mind with our advanced control systems built for maximum reliability.
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From initial consultation to ongoing maintenance, we're your trusted partner every step of the way.
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Effective control systems are critical for your generator’s operation. GCM offers advanced generator control systems in Berkshire designed to enhance performance and reliability. Our generator control systems provide precise monitoring and management of your generator, ensuring efficient operation.

GCM assists in selecting, installing, and maintaining the best generator control systems in Berkshire for your needs. Whether you need basic controls or sophisticated automated systems, we provide solutions to keep your generator functioning smoothly. Rely on GCM for reliable generator control systems in Berkshire that ensure seamless operation.

With GCM‘s generator control systems, you can monitor performance, diagnose issues in real-time, and maintain peak efficiency. Our control systems integrate seamlessly with your existing setup, providing a reliable interface. Choose GCM for the most advanced generator control systems in Berkshire and improve your generator’s reliability.

100% Customer Satisfaction

In the evolving landscape of business operations, staying ahead in technology is key. At GCM, our primary objectives revolve around ensuring your infrastructure stays updated, enabling seamless operations, and providing you with peace of mind.

System Upgrades
Your current generator control system might lag behind, delaying backup power activation and exacerbating the issue.
How we help
We ensure power cuts don't disrupt your workflow, minimising downtime and protecting your productivity.
Peace of mind with GCM
Support enables to proactively address potential issues before they arise, preventing disruptions and ensuring smooth operation.
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Contact GCM today and understand how system update services, coupled with our expertise in generator servicing, maintenance, installation, and control systems, can elevate your operational confidence.

System Updates: The rapid technological advancement necessitates regular updates to maintain peak performance. Keeping your systems up-to-date ensures reliability and efficiency, adapting to emerging technologies and integrating the latest upgrades.

How We Assist: At GCM, our team specialises in helping you navigate system updates seamlessly. With expertise in generator maintenance, installation, and control systems, we assess your needs and customise update plans accordingly. We anticipate challenges and provide solutions to ensure your operations run smoothly.

Peace of Mind: Entrusting GCM with your system updates ensures confidence in your power infrastructure. Our comprehensive update services optimise system performance and safeguard your operations for the future, providing peace of mind knowing your systems are well-prepared.

A generator can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years or more with proper maintenance and care. The lifespan depends on the frequency of use, load capacity, and how well it is maintained. At GCM, we provide comprehensive maintenance services to ensure your generator remains in optimal condition for as long as possible.

The operational lifespan of a generator is typically measured in hours. Most commercial and industrial generators are designed to run for 10,000 to 30,000 hours with proper maintenance. The actual number of hours can vary based on the generator’s design, load conditions, and maintenance practices.

Generators typically require maintenance every 6 months or after a specified number of operating hours, usually between 200 to 250 hours, whichever comes first. However, the frequency can vary depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations and the usage intensity. Regular maintenance ensures that your generator operates efficiently and reliably.

The maintenance period for a generator generally involves scheduled intervals, which include routine checks every 6 months and more comprehensive servicing annually. Some high-use generators may need maintenance more frequently. At GCM, we provide customised maintenance schedules tailored to your generator’s specific needs and usage patterns.

Maintenance for a generator typically includes the following tasks:

  • Inspection: Regular inspection of the generator and its components to identify any potential issues.
  • Oil Change: Changing the engine oil and replacing the oil filter to ensure smooth operation.
  • Coolant Check: Checking and topping off the coolant levels to prevent overheating.
  • Battery Inspection: Ensuring the battery is charged and in good condition, and cleaning the terminals.
  • Fuel System Maintenance: Checking the fuel system for leaks, replacing fuel filters, and ensuring the fuel is clean.
  • Air Filter Replacement: Replacing the air filter to ensure proper air flow to the engine.
  • Exercising the Generator: Running the generator periodically to keep the engine parts lubricated and to ensure it starts and runs properly.
  • Load Testing: Performing load tests to ensure the generator can handle its full rated capacity.