Why Your Business Needs a Backup Power Generator in Buckinghamshire

Back Up Power Planning for your Buckinghamshire business is an essential part of any business continuity and disaster prevention planning. Our team are here to provide expert advice and support. Find out more about generators and control systems in this blog.

Backup Power Generators in Buckinghamshire

When running a business there are many factors that can affect your business continuity. Loss of power is one of these factors, and likely one of the most devastating if not resolved quickly.  Power failure can be caused from any number of external factors outside your influence.  In order to mitigate this major business risk, investment in a backup power solution, that includes generators and control systems, is the perfect solution, to ensure that your organisation can continue to run through any outages.

Importance of Backup Power Generators

A backup power generator is designed to turn on automatically after the main power goes out. Such generators are powered via a number of different fuel sources, such as diesel or LPG. As you can imagine back up generators are produced in a wide range of formats and power outputs.  There are solutions to fit any business, big or small. 

For small to medium sized businesses, standby generators are the most common backup power generator  for businesses within Buckinghamshire. These are installed in a fixed permanent position and automatically kick in as the power goes out. Alternatively, portable power generators are smaller and can be moved around to different locations as per requirements. For larger operations, such as factories, hospitals, hotels, industrial generators ensure the needed power output at critical moments.

Reasons Your Business Needs a Backup Power Generator

Unforeseen power cuts can have severe impacts to your Buckinghamshire business. Lost productivity, missed deadlines, and financial losses can all stem from a simple power outage. The challenge is that power outages are more often than not, completely outwith your control or influence.  

The solution?

A proactive approach to mitigate this risk is ultimately the best business decision. To achieve this a robust back-up power system is the obvious choice. These solutions include generators and control systems that seamlessly take over when the main power fails, keeping your critical systems and equipment running. This uninterrupted operation gives you a clear advantage over competitors forced to shut down during a power cut.

But the benefits go beyond just staying open. Backup generators also:

  • Enhance security: Security cameras, alarms, and access control systems remain operational during an outage, safeguarding your premises, staff, and customers.
  • Maintain customer satisfaction: By continuing to deliver goods and services, you maintain your reputation as a reliable business partner.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance: Industries with strict power supply regulations can meet those requirements with a backup generator, avoiding potential fines.
  • Boost your bottom line: While generators require an upfront investment, the long-term savings are significant. Reduced downtime, increased productivity, and equipment protection translate to a healthier, more profitable business.

Choosing the Right Backup Power Generator for Your Buckinghamshire Business

Picking the right backup power system and generator requires professional input and advice. There are many complex factors that need to be considered when planning a backup power system for a business, regardless of how big or small.

  • Power Needs:  A complete evaluation of power requirements in order to keep the business running without any disruption is required.  This requires in depth assessment of your business typical and peak operational usages.
  • Fuel Choice: Generators run on different fuels like diesel, gasoline, or natural gas. Each has its pros and cons. There are many factors that would influence the final choice here, cost, frequency of use and even any local Buckinghamshire regulations. Our engineers are versed in providing a full evaluation and recommendation.
  • Noise Level: Backup generators can be loud, potentially disrupting your business and neighbours.  Noise impact and consideration to options with noise-reduction features or soundproofing to minimise disturbance are all additional considerations that need expert advice.
  • Installation and Upkeep: Proper installation and regular maintenance are essential for your chosen generator to work well and last a long time. Our team of engineers are located locally in Buckinghamshire to ensure that you have a emergency support on call 24/7.

Backup Power and Disaster Preparedness

2022 Buckinghamshire Floods

In early 2022, a large area of Buckinghamshire was destroyed by extreme flooding after consecutive days of heavy rainfall. Thousands were evacuated from their homes and businesses as waters rose. Power substations were submerged, leaving entire towns without electricity for over a week as crews worked to restore service.

For companies with backup generators, the impact was far less severe. Office buildings were able to power emergency lighting, heat, and communication systems – allowing employees to safely shelter in place. Grocery stores kept refrigeration units running, preventing food spoilage. Hospitals and care facilities continued providing essential services uninterrupted.

While the flooding was still immensely disruptive and costly, those organisations that had prioritised backup power resilience improved much better. Their generators gave them a decisive advantage in responding to and recovering from the disaster more rapidly.

Planning For the Worst

Of course, no one likes to dwell on doomsday scenarios. But pretending “it won’t happen to me” is unrealistic and potentially irresponsible for any business owner or operator. Strategically planning to mitigate any potential power loss scenarios  through comprehensive disaster planning and investing in backup power systems is, in our opinion, business critical.

Our team doesn’t just install generators – we work with clients to develop customised emergency preparedness and response plans. We analyse potential threats based on your facility’s location, model worst-case contingencies, and establish detailed procedures to maintain critical operations if disaster strikes. 

The 2022 floods served as a wake-up call for businesses across Buckinghamshire. Don’t let your organisation be caught vulnerable to the next crisis. Get prepared by making resilient backup power a key priority.

Our Backup Power Experts

We offer a complete solution for your business’s backup power needs. We’ll thoroughly assess your specific requirements to recommend the perfect generator and back up power control system, type and size for your operations.  Our skilled engineers will ensure a safe and efficient installation, following all Buckinghamshire regulations.

Our commitment extends beyond installation. We provide comprehensive maintenance and support packages to keep your generator running smoothly for years to come.  Regular inspections, load testing, and preventative maintenance will maximise your equipment’s lifespan and ensure it’s ready when you need it most.

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